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stargateanon's Journal

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Stargate: Ånonymous
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Inspired by challenges like sv_undercover and undermistletoe, where people post stories anonymously and readers react without knowing the author, this challenge community was created as a place specifically intended for Stargate: Atlantis.

Stories will be posted here anonymously, and readers will then be encouraged to read, comment on and/or discuss the stories - maybe even take a guess at the author, if they like - before the author is ever revealed!

This is an on-going challenge community, open to everyone.

If you have any questions, email the mod.

  • If you'd like to play, submit your name here (comments are screened).

  • The moderator will contact you, and provide you with a prompt or theme (not required); you then have one month to complete your story.

  • When it's finished, send your story to the moderator, and it will be posted to the community.

  • Stories will remain anonymous for two weeks. Please don't tell anyone which story is yours (other than betas)... the mystery is part of the fun!

  • Please do not publish your story elsewhere until your name has been revealed in the community; after that, you are free to post/archive the story wherever you want.

  • Authors are welcome to play as often as they like!

  • Just feedback and/or discuss the stories as you normally would; you can also take a guess at the author, if you'd like!

  • Check back after two weeks for the author reveal.

  • All stories should be based on Stargate: Atlantis, but all genres, pairings, and ratings are welcome. Crossovers with other fandoms are also welcome.

  • Stories should be a minimum 500 words, but there is no maximum.

  • When submitting your story, please include a your name (withheld for two weeks), the title, and any spoilers; you may also include a rating, characters or fandoms involved, warnings, author's notes, etc., as you see fit.
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